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Once you have your Hydra antenna, you can choose between ‘data only’ packages from 2GB to 40GB per month or ‘Always on’ unlimited data.

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We offer VSAT hardware from the world’s most experienced and professional manufacturers combined with the Blue C Mobile HydraBox™ at affordable prices.

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Crew Surf is available as an extension to our data packages and can be bought by the crew directly or through our partners. We offer data volume, timed access and soon also an unlimited chat access plan.

Our hardware

The Hydra Box™

All you need is this one reliable device to make full use of your existing antenna without the need to spend money purchasing a new one.


The Hydra Box* is our unique 1U 19 inch rack mountable device that enables you to use the attractive and affordable Blue C mobile services on your existing KU band antenna. It is pre-configured, simple to install and deploy.


Contact us for more information on how to order your hardware.


Hydra Antenna Kits

Blue C Mobile offers kits with the HydraBox™ combined with 60 cm VSAT antennas from the World’s most experienced and professional manufacturers at very competitive prices.


All antennas are light weight (around 40 kg) and can easily be lifted and installed without the need of an expensive crane. Only one coax cable is required between the above and below deck equipment which makes is quick to install.



Data packages


Maximum Information Rate (MIR) data transfer speed for below data packages: 3Mbits/1Mbits. 20GB and 40GB packages are available for sharing between a fleet of vessels. Each vessel will be required to pay $100 per month network connection fee.  For further information on sales and subscriptions please get in touch. For details of 'always on' unlimited data  packages see below.


Data transfer speed (in Kbits) based on Maximum Information Rate (MIR). A monthly connection fee per vessel of $150 applies each package after first month which is FREE.


For further information on sales and subscriptions please get in touch.

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